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The SSO Proxy server is soon to be retired by Microsoft, itslearning has developed a new IDP solution which supersedes the SSO Proxy Server. Its Learning will be migrating your school's domains during the week working down the list alphabetically.

If you are accessing emails via the learning platform, you should not see any downtime and will continue to access emails as they were previously.

*********If, however you access emails via a mail client, you will need to either update the password or remove and re-add the profile**************

The password to be used for mail clients will be the itslearning password, I suggest you either follow the steps below to update the password in the mail client or alternatively set the itslearning password to be the same as your existing office 365 password. This should work in most cases.

Close Outlook.
Expand and 'Remove from vault' the stored Office365 credentials in control panel > Credential Manager.
Reload Outlook.
When prompted, input Office365 password.
Now connected!

The issues that have been seen so far are that the its learning account is being locked causing the Office 365 account to be suspended because the domain has been migrated and users have not updated their passwords. To prevent this happening in Central Bedfordshire, Its learning will be disabling the sync service after the migration, (the only downside to this is new its learning accounts will not have an email address created until the sync service is switched back on).

If you experience any issues please contact support on 0800 977 5714 or alternatively raise a ticket by sending an email to [email protected]

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